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Member6994382 visited Belize on 2015-10-15 and has this to say:
Я встретила мужчину который рассказывал за деньги о британской принцессе..... это была потрясающая история. А так же я узнала что Белиз это Британский Гондурас.
Danjelica visited Belize on 2013-11-04 and has this to say:
One of the most beautiful views of a lifetime on this private island on its own reef. Great place for snorkeling and scuba diving because everything is just a twenty min boat ride from the island!
TonyTee25 visited Belmopan on 2011-07-14 and has this to say:
Swimming near the Reef
blackbbw916 visited Belize on 2008-09-11 and has this to say:
other locations on this cruise were Roatan Island, Honduras, and Cozumel Mexico.
islandspice20 visited Belize on 2008-08-12 and has this to say:
Grat city friendly people unclean water
frakk1 visited Belize on 2008-01-06 and has this to say:
cool places..
cyclingchef visited Belize on 2007-06-01 and has this to say:
Best jungle ever!
vinice visited Punta Gorda on 2004-02-22 and has this to say:
beautiful place.
agua66 visited Belize on 2003-08-23 and has this to say:
travel for Messico - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras: go for some day in a caribe island for relax
anatripsis visited Belize on 2003-05-15 and has this to say:
Small island, good friends, BIG FUN
eagleye2 visited Corozal on 2002-12-29 and has this to say:
Corozal is just a great enviorment and easy living with great weather,sites, like a king or queen! I,chose this country because of great beach and barrier reefs!!
Member3897155 visited San Ignacio on 1998-12-20 and has this to say:
Most Xmas we try 2 go some other Country.. Belize sexy cute guys..
CountryQB visited San Ignacio on 1998-07-15 and has this to say:
We studied the Mayan ruins in Guatemala & Mexico
mercirqi visited Belize on 1988-05-10 and has this to say:
YUK, hot sticky and wet, with horrible crawly things that bite at night in the jungle.
Member4691286 visited Belize on 1913-10-10 and has this to say:
Trying to go back & Never wanted to leave. I should have went with it.
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