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Member5755512 visited Abidjan on 2016-11-15 and has this to say:
Путешествие для знания интересных мест
amerikan7 visited Yamoussoukro on 2010-05-15 and has this to say:
I want to Know a withe woman or mix for good relation ship.
Member4866220 visited Abidjan on 2004-08-06 and has this to say:
Looking a lady to marry
Member3855811 visited Abidjan on 2003-02-01 and has this to say:
Not my fav place
Pisdjuk visited Abidjan on 2001-08-02 and has this to say:
Impressed by the "western look" of the city of Abidjan...
greatalex79 visited Abidjan on 1997-07-04 and has this to say:
I was really impressed by the immensity of the city. It was the first time for me see such a big and beautiful city. Abidjan is a city that do not go to sleep in the night. People go about their normal businesses without any harassment and the people are very nice to strangers.
Member4102885 visited Yamoussoukro on 1982-06-29 and has this to say:
Ghana did not have a lot of stuff, it was dangerous to bring such items from another country. Soldiers deemed it as smuggling. Items could be confiscated, the owner beaten or even killed. I was anxious all the way but I made it home safely. Thank God.
didier3311 visited Abidjan on 1978-03-14 and has this to say:
lived in abidjan for 2 years
Member4322734 visited Abidjan on 1977-12-15 and has this to say:
Parce que l'union fait la force ,avoir un ami est un soutien de plus dans la vie pour la rendre plus belle
Member3341104 visited Abidjan on 1972-10-15 and has this to say:
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