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Member6549339 visited Portsmouth on 2015-02-16 and has this to say:
good springs to bath an water to drink
BimmerBEN335 visited Roseau on 2004-05-27 and has this to say:
Spending time with my parents
XsChick visited Roseau on 2002-10-22 and has this to say:
Dominca is my home.i love it as much as an Americans loves America.I miss there alot.Its an amazing island when u get to no it.Its all natural lol. and i love it just the way it is!! i love my Dominica
BimmerBEN335 visited Roseau on 1999-03-18 and has this to say:
It's always good memories and positive, even though i miss home. it's never the same any place else.
Wastendein visited Pont Cassé on 1988-02-01 and has this to say:
It has been really is my number to be contacted cos i'm looking woman for in any part of the world +
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