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Member5609681 visited Yigo on 2015-08-24 and has this to say:
Just wana have fun
Member5328437 visited Tamuning on 2015-07-30 and has this to say:
Looking to make new friends and possibly...long term relationship leading to marriage.
Member4413316 visited Agana on 2013-05-18 and has this to say:
funny facts, positive/negative impressions
Member5613366 visited Tamuning on 2012-04-01 and has this to say:
Playing beer pong on my birthday and singing with all my friends here
ed759 visited Yigo on 2011-10-02 and has this to say:
tell u more
Member3143816 visited Tamuning on 2007-07-02 and has this to say:
They have no milk unless you go to the military base and buy it. powdered milk and coconut milk was all I could find so I went without cereal for a month ha ha
Gary4 visited Anderson Air Force Base on 2002-07-29 and has this to say:
Good beaches, hang out at the Hard Rock cafe, enjoy the karoake bars!
Member3820518 visited Yigo on 1991-02-28 and has this to say:
im looking for a hot guy tt would like for who i am rite now
Member4754048 visited Agana on 1983-06-01 and has this to say:
Beautiful island went swimming everyday. Exploring the caves. There were local festivals the people fun and friendly.
Member5173791 visited Apra Harbor on 1982-09-01 and has this to say:
I got into to the cupboard and took sugar and filled one of my Dad's ham radios full.
justwopleaseampm visited Barrigada on 1967-01-19 and has this to say:
Member6754856 visited Barrigada on 1958-06-10 and has this to say:
Like going to beach, playing music, traveling, i am a man who can not do without music and dance, interested in a serious lasting relationship with my partner
Member5320572 visited Agana on 1915-01-20 and has this to say:
Working on Guardian Blade Saga for Television 5, with my friends. Missing my Daughter, being detained in Manila for 4 months, being dropped off in Guam, being destitute with no money, family, or friends. but have seen the hand of Yahuwah Elohim Tzva'ot who has delivered me cause I called on his name
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