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Member7026321 visited Kowloon Tong on 2019-04-29 and has this to say:
I am from Singapore and earned my B.sc from a Canadian institution, I am new here in Hk , I have never been married and I am ready to settle with a woman with good heart .. my wechat ID is pscgly you can add me I am very friendly and approachable
Member6562459 visited Tai Tung on 2018-05-05 and has this to say:
I Like The City
Member6073275 visited Tsim Sha Tsui on 2015-04-01 and has this to say:
i love travelling hiking and night out at beach.i am caring and loving i love pet also,and i know how respect a women,i am looking a serious relationship.
Member5147960 visited Kowloon City on 2015-02-09 and has this to say:
Good country, all orginize well. Just really busy country, all must be fast to do!
Member5419460 visited Kowloon City on 2014-03-12 and has this to say:
Been to Hong Kong 2 times
Member4310343 visited Tsim Sha Tsui on 2013-03-22 and has this to say:
I thin thats will be perfect
Member4548940 visited Tsim Sha Tsui on 2013-03-20 and has this to say:
a lots...ican say its beautiful and busy hongkong is...u would love to visit hongkong if u really wish to make ur holiday.thought a bit expensive a lots of u could do for shopping.come and visit hongkong in the future....
Svetlana_VL visited Wan Chai on 2012-08-22 and has this to say:
It was great and I hope I'll comeback!
Harzhopper visited Tsim Sha Tsui on 2012-04-13 and has this to say:
A must see city, very impressive. But is is so crowded.
Member3510612 visited Kau Sai on 2012-02-10 and has this to say:
opurpe visited Hung Hom on 2011-09-25 and has this to say:
ONLY 4 ME....
Princess_alberta24 visited Kowloon City on 2011-07-19 and has this to say:
A birthday treat from Parents :)
Creativecaster visited Wan Chai on 2011-05-29 and has this to say:
enjoyed taking care of my first grandaughter
Member4183025 visited Central District on 2011-05-09 and has this to say:
fun and relaxing with good friends of mine..
Creativecaster visited Central District on 2010-12-13 and has this to say:
Spent my Christmas and New Year with my son and meet my newly born grandaughter who was born in H k
lafa visited Central District on 2010-12-01 and has this to say:
frquent traveller to HK
Axxvsd visited Yau Ma Tei on 2010-11-12 and has this to say:
Want to meet good frnd
MaSuzana visited Causeway Bay on 2010-11-08 and has this to say:
Motivos diferents
Aliya51 visited Wan Chai on 2010-10-21 and has this to say:
хочу обратно
rana2010 visited Chai Wan on 2010-08-05 and has this to say:
travel partners
cindy93162515hk visited Sheung Wan on 2010-07-27 and has this to say:
I'm kinda hard work, I'm the one taking care of my mom n my son, my father pass away. I like in hong Kong ,its convenience transportation and shopping easy, busy place I love to enjoy life ,having fun with friends on my day off
MasterFDP visited Quarry Bay on 2010-04-03 and has this to say:
pleasent stay in HK during easter
mododeusar visited Repulse Bay on 2009-09-11 and has this to say:
crazy mad place,wall to wall people. But somewhere I wanted too see.
mercirqi visited Aberdeen on 2009-05-08 and has this to say:
OK, nice people but I'll never understand the language. always hot and humid when I visit.
CrisGabi visited Causeway Bay on 2009-03-02 and has this to say:
Macau & China
Nineke visited Central District on 2009-02-05 and has this to say:
Found it to be a safe and very agreeable place. Had a fantastic time, since we also knew people who worked there. Would go back in a instant.
belttighten visited Tai Po on 2008-10-10 and has this to say:
i love hongkong
hogfather visited Mong Kok on 2008-09-15 and has this to say:
Fake merchandise paradise!! Ferrari tshirt for 2 euros, Ferrari jackets for 8 euros! Hong Kong is bussling, extremely busy and very crowded. some nice scenerey of a huge city. Cool bars and clubs
Member3086693 visited Tsim Sha Tsui on 2008-08-24 and has this to say:
I love this place very clean, I lived and worked in Hong Kong for 5 years and Im loving the food, and the vegetables are always fresh, nice weather, a lots of must see nice places!!
kmcl visited Aberdeen on 2008-07-14 and has this to say:
A chance to eat well and relax after work
browsharp visited Kei Pik Shan on 2008-05-12 and has this to say:
The gold coast boat ride was fantastic experience. Trip to Macau was enthralling & the people there were mind boggling..Dimshum is a great food.
uchuujin visited Central District on 2008-04-03 and has this to say:
Wow, have to stop here. I have been to about 35 countries on 6 continents. This would take forever to do via all dropdown menus! :)
Millie1969 visited Kowloon City on 2008-03-08 and has this to say:
visited Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Lantau Island ,Macau , Causeway Bay ,Soho ,Wan Chai , Victoria Harbor >>.
JunTakeda visited Mong Kok on 2007-11-15 and has this to say:
Interesting trip. Although I dislike big cities, I visited the city by bus, boat, subway and enjoy walking in various street markets. I also enjoy local street cuisine, visiting museums and even a temple. And... yeah, there is that funny amusement park with their pandas. And I am very fond of pandas. I think I never took so many picture in my like on a single spot. :D
edinburghrocks visited Kowloon City on 2007-10-01 and has this to say:
smog and humidity was unbearable! Visit to Macau, former Portugese colony, was very interesting.
Sebas3312099 visited Kowloon City on 2006-10-12 and has this to say:
other cities: Hong Kong
AnnaU visited Wan Chai on 2006-09-02 and has this to say:
I was living and working in HK for 3 years. As for me,it's a very nice place to stay and work there for couple of years,but not to live for a long time.Some people call it Chinese New York.My native city Vladivostok looks like HK,but without too much sky scrapers).
pushpack visited Mong Kok on 2005-12-07 and has this to say:
Wow, how many people in one place? Loved it!
howie89 visited Causeway Bay on 2005-07-06 and has this to say:
Born and lived there for 5 yrs. I go back now and again
Member4760052 visited Tai Po on 2005-07-01 and has this to say:
after 8 years i saw again my best best friend nd very emotional bt very much happy to see each others .nd first 2days we just remembering those days wn we was together frm school upton university time.wt was the time we spent .awsome
happy_sofie57 visited Repulse Bay on 2004-06-09 and has this to say:
very interesting places,stay in hk parkview couple years wo
phantasmagoria visited Chai Wan on 2004-03-17 and has this to say:
Wonderful HK...a real 24/7/365 city. The smells of the market around Temple Street, trading jade on the Jade Market and the iconic Queen Victoria Hill with panoramic harbour views. Lantau Island and the Big Budha. Been numerous times. Bliss
Member4436474 visited Kowloon Tong on 2003-06-06 and has this to say:
No other city like it. Even today.
Member4548462 visited Kowloon City on 2003-02-21 and has this to say:
I traveled Hong Kong a bit. I liked it very much.
shazita1 visited Aberdeen on 2002-06-05 and has this to say:
largest floating restaraunt in the world
melel visited Chung Sam Wai on 2001-12-19 and has this to say:
super sympa ! and the fight designers from Matrix treated us to the most excellent chinese food ! I love you guys woo ping !
nasodisniffatorecomico visited Kowloon City on 2001-03-15 and has this to say:
ok now the other countries with some notes: >>> HongKong --- wow, like in the Movie Blade Runner >>> Taiwan --- wow, also science fiction feeling >>> United arab Emiartes - Stopover >>> Poland --- such a positiv surprice, friendly, disziplinated, no stealing, just progresses!!! >>> Belgium --- positiv big surprice, not in focus for visitors/travelers but my personal number 4 and completely undervalued! >>> Thailand --- a different world compared to Europe. >>> Laos --- Daytrip. Very poor country! >>> Netherlands --- >>> Austria --- fro SPA and wellness a very good place austrians are very confident for Wellness and healthyness! >>> Swiss --- nice places of high variety but in my opinion overvalued. >>> England --- a positiv surprice but expensive. >>> Denmark --- well groomed, in cleanness if fullfills the stereotypes people have from germany. Clean, all in good shape, appearing very wealthy (no Euro!!! Well done!!!) >>> Ungarn --- interesting because of Pusta, hunnian, mongolian, austrian and other heritages a very interesting mix. Selfconfident people. But in involved in the tipical EU-problems. >>> Ukraina --- I was there for carity reasons. A poor, gray and sorry to say this...primitv and violent place in . How it i snow I can't say. >>> Czech republic --- like poland but the progress is far not as fast as in poland and not this open to foreighners but sure good for a trip, especially wunderful, historical Prag.
infinity65 visited Tsim Sha Tsui on 2001-02-27 and has this to say:
greatest city in the world...
alcrouch visited Kowloon City on 1998-02-21 and has this to say:
Setting up computers :) Again.. LOL... Interesting city, LOTS of people.. Good times with coworkers after work. Next time I am in Hong Kong I will venture in to Macau.
shaun38 visited Repulse Bay on 1996-02-06 and has this to say:
Army posting, more like a holiday ;-)) xx
Brideofindia2 visited Kowloon City on 1994-03-27 and has this to say:
TV Hotel, Shopping
niki246 visited Mid Levels on 1992-04-15 and has this to say:
my beloved home.ASIA'S WORLD CITY.
sgtzeke visited Repulse Bay on 1992-04-04 and has this to say:
Used to live here for 3 years in my youth!
mercirqi visited Aberdeen on 1990-03-03 and has this to say:
Great Tournament, my one claim to fame.
mudcciciatyh visited Victoria (historical) on 1986-01-08 and has this to say:
I started to travel from onward to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, America, Canada, Hawaii, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Brussel, Luxemberg, Finland,
HudsonNY visited Kowloon City on 1985-07-05 and has this to say:
Shopping trip for tailored clothing and local food.
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