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Mad_Mads visited Chişinău on 2014-08-16 and has this to say:
For only the second time in my life had a girl smile at me and instantly "fell" for her, seemed real that smile, to shy to talk to her though.
SOMALIA visited Chişinău on 2014-04-14 and has this to say:
travel partners
Mad_Mads visited Chişinău on 2013-04-30 and has this to say:
Going to see my few friends there again and with luck maybe find some nice girl to talk to ;-)
Member4242933 visited Chişinău on 2013-02-14 and has this to say:
more times I will go here a lot more times :)
laanada visited Chişinău on 2011-12-20 and has this to say:
Положительные ;)
Member5176417 visited Chişinău on 2011-07-09 and has this to say:
My best friend lives there... so the best way to spend weekend - visit Moldova :)
meerman16 visited Chişinău on 2010-10-01 and has this to say:
meet moldovian girls
nlviking visited Chişinău on 2010-02-21 and has this to say:
my first time to Moldova....very curious and interested to be there.......and to meet You (!?), too....
DerSpezialist visited Chişinău on 2010-01-25 and has this to say:
gonna stay abt 6 months
danuta80 visited Chişinău on 2009-11-17 and has this to say:
really nice wine and nice food
Coatl visited Chişinău on 2009-08-26 and has this to say:
I want to hold a promise I made to visit this country. Now I have the opportunity. Will try to meet new contacts on site and make new friends. DUE TO PROBLEMS WITH VISA, I HAD TO CANCEL THIS TRIP. BUT WANT TO DO IT SOON !!!!!
NicolasDeVille visited Tiraspol on 2009-06-22 and has this to say:
I had never heard of a country inside another country and this was for me like entering the old USSR ! I really liked the riverside of Bender but crossing the boarder was really an experience!
NicolasDeVille visited Căuşani on 2009-06-18 and has this to say:
I had to bribe the police because they told me I was going to fast on the motorway. They told me that the speed limit was only 60 and I was going 92 so they explained that this was really bad and it would take a long time in the Police-station! So I asked my friends what to do and they told me to just put some money on his seat and go back to the car!!! I only heard about things like this so I was really exited that I did experience to bribe the Police.
DeuxBellaDonna visited Chişinău on 2009-03-01 and has this to say:
Svetlana was soooo naughty - her sweat, liquid ambrosia and sultry ways are still making me wet
Vatoloco visited Chişinău on 2007-09-01 and has this to say:
I'm living in Moldova for a couple of years.
phantasmagoria visited Chişinău on 2006-08-12 and has this to say:
Chisinau is improving year on year. Bumpy roads though! Even vineyards here. A real cafe socirty developing. Bliss
Coatl visited Chişinău on 2005-08-24 and has this to say:
I had to cancel this trip at the last minute. Hope to be able make this trip in the next years, as I will have to travel again to this region.
Liss_25 visited Chişinău on 1995-07-13 and has this to say:
красивые места
Nataliya_33 visited Chişinău on 1995-06-10 and has this to say:
nichego ne polychilos6 kak xotelos6...
HudsonNY visited Chişinău on 1993-09-15 and has this to say:
Made approximate 10 visits to Moldova, mostly by air however several trips were made overland. I limited my overland trips for fear of hitting horse drawn buggies especially at night as they do not use lights. Their lifestyle seemed 20 years behind time but that was exactly what I liked about the Country. People were genuine just trying to scratch out a living. Nothing plastic about them genuine friends but ONLY after you earned their trust. Interesting Country, interesting people who always seemed to be looking over their shoulder... Had several opportunities to travel to Almaty, but scheduling conflicts did not allow. I wish I could have visited. Oh well...
targetina visited Chişinău on 1988-05-01 and has this to say:
very friendly people and perfect wine!!!
Member3198481 visited Căuşani on 1986-06-02 and has this to say:
visko buvo nepapasakosi
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