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Member6704752 visited Podgorica on 2016-06-07 and has this to say:
Very cheap to stay and live, very hot weather
Member5099733 visited Podgorica on 2014-09-13 and has this to say:
I'd like to travel to Montenegro in September this year and live there, and visit a few cities. I'd like to meet new friends, men and women, to spend great time together, talk and make a friendship for a long time, to invite them into Ukraine.I hope my dream will come true...
Member4500971 visited Rožaje on 2013-06-08 and has this to say:
Место очень похоже на наш Крым.
Member4588034 visited Podgorica on 2013-01-05 and has this to say:
I loved this country and I want to live in it!
groff visited Cetinje on 2012-08-25 and has this to say:
Good food, good weather...
Member5187479 visited Podgorica on 2012-06-23 and has this to say:
Who is better? Mountains and the warm sea. Amazing trip
Alexander3851492 visited Rožaje on 2009-08-22 and has this to say:
На самом деле, в Черногории я отдыхал в Петроваце, но на сайте в списке городов, нет большинства мест Черногории. Так что, выбрал наугад))) In fact, I was vacationing in Montenegro in Petrovac, but the site in the list of cities, has a majority of seats in Montenegro. So, picked at random)))
Member5719142 visited Podgorica on 2003-06-06 and has this to say:
масса впечатлений
Member6254308 visited Podgorica on 1916-07-10 and has this to say:
Прекрасная сказочно красивая страна была приглашена в черногорскую семью на день рождения принимали просто замечательно искренне и сердечно одарили меня подарками .хочу жить в черногории
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