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Member5407830 visited Tete on 2015-04-05 and has this to say:
Travel partners
Nanaz0319 visited Maputo on 2014-09-20 and has this to say:
Beach and going to the fish market in Maputo, going for nightclubs, camping
Member5059917 visited Pemba on 2014-09-12 and has this to say:
believe it is a nice place would like to know more about it
Member5470698 visited Inhambane on 2012-12-20 and has this to say:
Very beautiful beaches, good seafood, great view of sunshine and sunset. friendly environment.
Member4938656 visited Matola on 2011-06-02 and has this to say:
nicky345 visited Maputo on 2011-04-19 and has this to say:
Travelling with Madalyne, Tanya and Raymond
TreveEd visited Beira on 2009-12-27 and has this to say:
well that place is something else!
shameta visited Pemba on 2009-10-21 and has this to say:
Very Very hot! happenned to go to a far north park where there are people with no modern type of living acquintance. stuck in a thick forest with a pick up and a few interpretors. it was risky but worth the experince
Member3521854 visited Moçambique on 2006-12-01 and has this to say:
Boat trip, events, messages, swimming pool, entertainment & food on the boat
Member4175648 visited Maputo on 2004-03-08 and has this to say:
cherch members
anarishka visited Pemba on 2003-01-01 and has this to say:
Baobab trees, whales, dolphins, naked fishermen. Ah!
NikoliNikoliavitch visited Inhambane on 1995-10-16 and has this to say:
The view from this hotel are amazing. It's situated overlooking the harbour which is filled with quaint fishing boats
Member4888359 visited Inhambane on 1994-06-04 and has this to say:
I'm student
Ridz47 visited Maputo on 1990-01-06 and has this to say:
Very beautiful islands and beaches
NikoliNikoliavitch visited Inhambane on 1979-01-03 and has this to say:
It rained constantly, the mosquitoes were daunting, but it was probably the most beautiful place I've been. There were animals everywhere lion, elephant, giraffe, zebra, eland, kudu. It was fantastic.
jorgenascimento visited Nampula on 1959-09-18 and has this to say:
I was born in Mozambique Island but lived in Nampula
Member6321204 visited Maputo on 1917-01-28 and has this to say:
funny factss
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