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HeartMe visited Muscat on 2019-07-28 and has this to say:
Im happy to have work here in oman
Member6599138 visited Muscat on 2017-01-01 and has this to say:
Great place
Member5676998 visited Nizwa on 2015-01-01 and has this to say:
Funny facts
Member6185378 visited Salalah on 2014-08-30 and has this to say:
good place nice food and shopping places
Member3932221 visited Ruwi on 2012-12-15 and has this to say:
Can meeting
Member5878459 visited Al Muladdah on 2012-07-23 and has this to say:
need girl only for romanc
cool261 visited Muscat on 2012-01-01 and has this to say:
I am in Muscat, Oman all year around except when I travel.
francoslim141 visited Muscat on 2011-10-20 and has this to say:
I need to meet a nice friends with good intention
Member5200821 visited Salalah on 2011-07-04 and has this to say:
Cold place feel and fresh air ...
basilhararah22 visited Bawshar on 2011-06-19 and has this to say:
really hard times to be alone
Said186 visited Nizwa on 2010-12-01 and has this to say:
This country is very nice, many tourists like to visit. It has high mountains, Beautifull beaches, Soft Sand desert for safari 7 adventures. Really, you will like it.
Member3884893 visited Salalah on 2010-06-28 and has this to say:
luking for a friend
cassie06 visited Muscat on 2010-03-11 and has this to say:
swimming with the dolphins, the whole experiance was wonderful, totally fell in love with the place and with the people xx
harry132 visited Muscat on 2010-01-20 and has this to say:
every day we are loosing one day of our life .want to share my lonlyness with others with friendship , love and sex.
metalval visited Salalah on 2009-09-03 and has this to say:
It's a nice place, more free than Saudi Arabia :))) There is Arabian sea here so I can swim. But other than that - there is absolutely nothing to do.
Member4207570 visited Ruwi on 2009-08-23 and has this to say:
Good place for sight seeing, good peoples...good seafoods..friendly natured peoples
juliusfernandes visited Muscat on 2008-01-10 and has this to say:
nothing to say. wanna know more about me. you must be my friend. cya muahhhhhhhhh...!!!
Cph26 visited Muscat on 2006-12-19 and has this to say:
So much fun as yu are embracing their culture
bagram visited Ibri on 2003-12-01 and has this to say:
‛Ibrī, al-Ħamrā, as-Slēf, Jabrīn, Nizwā, Salāla, Sūr, Masķat; on the way back to Kuwait: Dubayy, Saudi Arabia (Hufūf)
Member6165304 visited Muscat on 2002-03-11 and has this to say:
Qatar...Malaysia...pakistan..indonesia..and visited Brunei too.i wish to visit more country..
demolay visited Muscat on 2001-01-15 and has this to say:
The Omanis are friendly, helpful, very decent people. Although they are genarally happy and relaxed, one notes that they do not laugh much. Muscat is charming, especially when one considers that there was not one kilometer of paved road when HM Sultan Qaboos acceded to the throne in !. Oman is well worth a visit. A lovely and relaxing land, definintely on the correct side of the Hajar Mountains.
ken138 visited As Sib on 1990-07-27 and has this to say:
:) i love to met a new faces.
nasr16 visited Muscat on 1989-05-26 and has this to say:
Identified a modest girl.
COMON visited As Sib on 1987-04-28 and has this to say:
travel partners
saleem_beloshi visited Al Buraimi on 1983-10-24 and has this to say:
star873 visited Muscat on 1982-10-11 and has this to say:
انا احب البنات الاكثر حب في الجنس الثالث
badar71 visited Muscat on 1982-08-18 and has this to say:
أهديك.. ما أروعها.. ما اطعمها.. ماشكلها.. أنوثة تقتلني.. و أخرى تلسعني.. وهناك..أنوثةأخرى.. تنتظرني.. ما أنوثتك سيدتي.. حياء وخجل عشقاوقبل.. أهواها من حين الأزال.. من لمساتك.. أونظراتك.. حتى حينما تدغدغ النسمة رقة كلماتك.. أنوثتك .. أجبرتني على البقاء أنوثتك .. علمتني عشق السماء روعة فى صميمك ممكن تسمحي بالتواصل والأظافة كأصدقاء؟
Member6978991 visited Salalah on 1982-05-01 and has this to say:
*EgyptianAmerican* LOVE IS THE BEST THING IN THE LIFE- I am looking for true, deep love and happy together forever in happy strong family . I am Egyptian man, and Because I love the American community and love the United States decided to get us citizenship and live in America as a good American citizen and also established a successful business and social projects, i live in USA and ready now live with you in USA.. I am looking for find good girl her age from 28 to 38, live in USA.. we ccan live together in CA. or FL. or any place in USA. I AM BUSINESSMAN WE CAN LIVE TOGETHER IN NEW FAMILY AND ALSO WORK TOGETHER IN MY BUSINESS IN USA.. I am handsome, good looking, my birth date is 27th January, , Height: I am 185 Cm.tall,or 6 feet.1 inche, my Body Type: Average, I do not gambling, I do not use drugs, I do not smoke nor drink wine, Alcohol at all, I am clean do not have ill "HIV" AIDS, my health is very sound and strong, I have so high energy, desires, passion and very much vitality,hardworking, super active, strong, I love make love oh too much, 24/7, just only with my lover and future wife. so I am very strong, hungry and have high desires, I am single and free. I am good Muslim and religious person. Looking for good woman. for marriage, I am romantic, believe in love and i do believe in marriage, Iam very serious person. I search only for serious relations,for other half, my soul mate and I wish to be favorite! and forever.I am looking for someone to love and spend the rest of my life with, you and me together will build happy marriage and strong family. My woman should be my lover, friend and partner in one person. I want my partner to have dreams and desires for the future that we can accomplish together. I am single,LIVE ALONE looking for true love and happy marriage, if you want marry good Egyptian man & American man and we live together forever in paradise of love, I promise you that we live in love in romantic nights with soft light, candle light and soft music, Softly spoken Pampering Massage Sleep Relaxation kiss and cuddle and make love to you 24 hours in every day and night-24/7- not stop..more and and more. please you have to know Iam very serious man want get marriage.Do you like be my wife. now I have new flat large flat 5 rooms, ready with new furniture, it ready for you to stay in it we can marry in it. please if you are serious woman like me .I can live with you in any place in the world you want it, I want to have a happy strong family. I am very romantic, ,serious, intelligent, and creative man . I have good warm clean heart like baby heart and I have big grow up mind like mind of wise&philosopher man. I have a house of four floors and I live alone, I speaks English and Arabic, high educated man, I am university graduate, I have got B.A. Bachelors in sociology, also I have got introductory of master's degree, I am social specialist at school, also I like free work, so I work as a businessman, export"Egyptian&touristic products" my company( EGYPTIAN SOUVENIRS CO.). . *And Also I have Experience for make Excellent Original "EGYPTIAN RESTAURANT".really I enjoy cooking, also Do you want to learn Arabic language? I can help you, .I can help you..I love help others.and also i like work at Hospitality, Tourism, entertainment, I am the owner of an idea and founder and general manager of a social cultural club in the United States of America. Really I hope we can be very good friends and more. seeking to make friends. I am looking for true love and happy marriage. NOW I AM READY FOR LiVE WITH YOU IN ANY PLACE IN USA, OR WE CAN LIVE TOGETHER INN NEW HOME IN CA. OR FL. OR ANY PLACE YOU LIKE IT. TOGETHER FOREVER
Member6266590 visited Muttrah on 1981-01-11 and has this to say:
I like to meetcpl or single europeans who visit here
aned33 visited Muscat on 1980-06-02 and has this to say:
love sports and girls
meerza visited Ruwi on 1963-04-24 and has this to say:
I like to communicate with other people
Member5258963 visited Muscat on 1914-01-01 and has this to say:
It's an amazing experience
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