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Member4430836 visited Lima on 2013-07-01 and has this to say:
I was in Peru twice this year and this last trip was for 2 months. Im a city girl in taste but Im a country girl at heart. I try to enjoy each day as if it was my last day.
Member4152435 visited Lima on 2012-12-23 and has this to say:
красивые пляжи, разнообразная флора и фауна
robsch00 visited Lima on 2011-02-12 and has this to say:
2 months in Peru, stunning things to see, wonderful beaches and lots of fun!
emt4luv visited Lima on 2010-07-02 and has this to say:
Rosa nautica, panchitas & all the fine cuisine
robt1977 visited Lima on 2009-04-19 and has this to say:
looking for a friendly girl to show me the sights
Member3666754 visited Lima on 2009-01-20 and has this to say:
посещала Мачо Пикча.прошла по тропе инков .была на горе,где жили инки.Великолепное чудо-света!
agua66 visited Lima on 2008-08-01 and has this to say:
travel from Perù to Ecuador
Pelle123 visited Lima on 2007-10-14 and has this to say:
Excellent sea food, the girls were ppretty too.
Member3107870 visited Cusco on 2007-02-02 and has this to say:
This place is a of seven wonders of worlds. It is the best place.
alcrouch visited Cusco on 2005-09-06 and has this to say:
Cusco is a small town you use as a stop on your way to Machu Picchu.. I got altitude sickness after I came down from Machu Picchu to Cusco.. Even though I got ill, I was still in awe of what an amazing place Machu Picchu was. I want to see more places like this in the near future. The people were great, but be careful not to give change to the children, you will be surrounded buy a dozen or more asking for money.. :) You have been warned... LOL
alcrouch visited Lima on 2005-09-03 and has this to say:
Went to Lima, checked out some of the historical sites for a few days, went to some clubs and learned some latin dances.. WOo Hoo.. Great place to visit, wonderful people, very friendly.
zejo visited Cusco on 2005-04-07 and has this to say:
Machu Pichu must see!
Funbub visited Lima on 2004-04-20 and has this to say:
It was great! Lot of culture und history. Famous Town.
Sebas3312099 visited Lima on 2004-01-15 and has this to say:
Other cities: Chiclayo, Cuzco, Machu Pichu, Guadalupe, Chenpeng,
tabronorm visited Cusco on 2001-04-01 and has this to say:
Great experience
yessirnosir visited Cusco on 1998-06-14 and has this to say:
the Manu rainforest!
Member5496463 visited Lima on 1997-01-01 and has this to say:
Quiero positivas
BillLivinez visited Cusco on 1996-08-16 and has this to say:
Peru is not beautiful along the coast is mostly desert but inland the mountains are incredible. Cusco / Machu Pichu is unbelievable.
FenixM visited Lima on 1991-02-01 and has this to say:
Анды ,солнце,океан,эвкалипты,кактусы,веселый,деликатный и трудолюбивый народ,экзотические фрукты
Member3545625 visited Lima on 1986-10-25 and has this to say:
busco mujer para relacio... para siempre
Larrasol visited Lima on 1980-11-21 and has this to say:
positive & negative impressions
Shamandoctor visited Cusco on 1979-01-27 and has this to say:
A wonderful place. Inca Indians capital. Near Machu pichu. Colonial style. Kind people. Proud of their past.
Member5510255 visited Arequipa on 1965-05-12 and has this to say:
Todas las visitas que he tenido y experiencias de los viajes al extranjero han sido positiva y buenas gracias a Dios.
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