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65-year-old woman seeking men 60-70; Divorced
Я позитивная, жизнелюбивая, русская, окончила строительный институт в Казани, в России. Проработала 35 лет в управлении персоналом компании, сейчас на пенсии. В разводе более 10 лет. На Кипре недавно, живу в семье
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52-year-old woman seeking men 51-69; Divorced
I live in a beautiful city on the Neva river. This city is famous for its architecture, I often visit exhibitions and cultural events, my adult son accompanies me sometimes, but I dream thet my Beau was the man I love.
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54-year-old woman seeking men 41-56; Divorced
If someone cries next to me,... I cry with him.... If anyone is happy. I laugh..... My love sees, listens and hears..... When I love - I participate in the life of another, with all my being.... I can comfort and hug...
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62-year-old woman seeking men 66-76; Widowed
Я весёлый, правдивый, честный и искренний человек. Я подхожу к жизни с чувством удовольствия, что позволяет мне быть позитивной. Мой рост- 1м65см, среднего телосложения Я ищу отношения, в которых мы могли бы
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45-year-old woman seeking men 45-65; Single - never married
Member6932628 (Now Online!)
38-year-old woman seeking men 36-42; Single - never married
Im a simple girl. Never been married.. I love baking, singing, dancing, dogs and cats Avarage petite girl.. Love casual clothing and cute dresses. have long hair, dark brown eyes and fair complexion. I want to find
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59-year-old woman seeking men 60-75; Divorced
Я родилась в предгорье Карпат. где много санаториев та баз отдыха. очень красивые места. Я здесь на Lava Place хочу улучшить свой немецкий та английский. Мой родной украинский, а еще владею русским та польским. мои
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55-year-old woman seeking men 55-65; Widowed
I am an ordinary woman. I want to meet a suitable man. I am not a sponsor. real man
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49-year-old woman seeking men 48-58; Divorced
I do not wait for the prince on a white horse, but I still listen to the clatter of hooves. I am of average height, athletic build. I do not dismiss my hair. I love the smooth head. People like if I smile. Common
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50-year-old woman seeking men 47-55; Divorced
I have many hobbies. I am constantly developing and learning something new. I am attracted to smart people who are comprehensively developed and can support any conversation. Welcome! You'll see Only free men and
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