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francesca79ca visited Porlamar on 2010-01-05 and has this to say:
my very good friend are from here and one day i hope to live here
Egleee visited Porlamar on 2008-11-17 and has this to say:
what a place!!! wonderland where the sun is shining all years
dennygrain visited Caracas on 2008-10-03 and has this to say:
with a good friend
charitous2000 visited Maracay on 2008-09-17 and has this to say:
very sad memories and awakenings. Never understood the people's culture and bad attitude, the more arrogant you are the more they respect you uggg terrible!! I was in Venezuela the first time in and saw the beautiful beach Cata and a little bit of Caracas too. The food very good specially the "arepas".
Member4459327 visited Porlamar on 2008-03-08 and has this to say:
The most beautiful Island in the Caribbean
EnglishspokenFinn visited Charallave on 2007-02-19 and has this to say:
*vacation of 2 weeks
Le_Hericon visited La Asunción on 2006-01-19 and has this to say:
Angel falls... Wow! Awesome to see! Nice people, warm. The only 'bad thing' is that the country needs 'cleaning up' - both from litter; and in infrastructure. Besides that - nice!
Chaconia22 visited Caracas on 2001-11-15 and has this to say:
Venezuelans are very hospitable
agua66 visited La Victoria on 1998-03-15 and has this to say:
Beautifull sea beautifull ........
ElenaKharkov visited Maracaibo on 1992-07-09 and has this to say:
Very hot. No trees. No grass. Different food.
prdude visited Puerto Cabello on 1992-06-03 and has this to say:
I was on a ship that was making the South American run, and we docked here for a week. I spent my time looking around and found the people to be most hospitable. (It did help that i myself am hispanic, and i speak Spanish fluently!) As i was only there a week, i spent as much time visiting other cities such as Caracas, among others. I enjoyed the food, music, nightlife and people very much....i would love to return some day!
Member3192680 visited Caracas on 1985-07-23 and has this to say:
Well i lived on Venezuela until my 25 years old :P
BillLivinez visited Caracas on 1984-01-01 and has this to say:
I made many trips here over a period of about 15 years. I worked in a very beautiful part of Caracas. I am not sure I would want to go back there today.
Member3129443 visited Caracas on 1981-06-09 and has this to say:
Was onboard a new Venezuelan Frigate (F22) as an exchange officer for summer cruise
gumrtti visited Ciudad Guayana on 1979-07-13 and has this to say:
me gusta viajar poder aprender algunas palabras del idioma latin ya que ayuda mucho a comunicarse con lenguas derivadas de ellas,me agrada salir a nadar es mi deporte favorito despues el futbol.
gumrtti visited Ciudad Guayana on 1979-06-29 and has this to say:
The best way to relax and remove stress is the passion of the sport practiced in swimming but in warm water with beautiful scenery.
daltronics visited Cumaná on 1977-07-26 and has this to say:
rave party -
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