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I am a: 56-year-old man
zodiac sign: Gemini Gemini
located in: Lakewood, Washington, United States
looking for: 21 - 48-year-old woman
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children: None
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prdude has visited 7 places.
Viangchan, Laos (Travel) 2007-09-16
Went there with some Thai friends...we went to entered Laos via the Thai/Lao Friendship bridge. Getting the 1 day visa was relatively easy, but they do charge more for tourists than Thais....I was there for only 1 day, but my impression of Laos is definately positive! Good food, very nice people and beautiful country. I hope to visit again, but for a longer stay!
Surin, Thailand (Travel) 2006-03-01
I've visited Thailand many times, and have seen many places there. I am even thinking of retiring there! The people are all warm and respectful, and always smiling! (Hence the nickname; the land of smiles..) The natural beauty of the whole country is breathtaking, and the casual and often laid-back attitude is just another thing to love about Thailand! I will go back often.
Buenos Aires, Argentina (Work) 2002-08-05
Was in Argentina while on a ship working as Chief Steward on a ship doing the S. American run. A very nice place with lots to see and do.....and the nightlife is great! Lots of history and culture to see snd enjoy as well...and photophiles will be very busy, as there are so much scenic beauty. Loved it....and will go back anytime!
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Work) 2002-03-15
I was there for 4 months on a ship that never left port, so it was a good time. The "M" club was the best in-port club by far....but we almost always would take the shuttle bus to Dubai. (About an hour away) Loads of shopping and stuff to see, and the nightlife is awesome! (Hard to believe it's a Muslim country...) I'd go back if given the chance....just to see how much it's changed. (By what i've heard....there've been lots of change, for the better i hope!)
Imbituba, Brazil (Work) 1992-07-01
The ship i was on made many 4 day stops in Brazil, and we got to visit Recife, Rio De Janeiro, Fortaleza, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Vitoria and many other port cities. I always would be the first to hop off and go sightseeing (Even though we were warned not to because of kidnappers and roving bands of thieves). I myself never had any problems....but there were others on the ship that were not so fortunate. Overall.....i'd go back and really get a good look around the entire country, not just the port area and surrounding cities. I feel theres a lot of charm there, once you remove yourself from the ports. (The ports have always been a magnet for the thieves and those of "ill-repute"...same thing the world over...)
Puerto Cabello, Venezuela (Work) 1992-06-03
I was on a ship that was making the South American run, and we docked here for a week. I spent my time looking around and found the people to be most hospitable. (It did help that i myself am hispanic, and i speak Spanish fluently!) As i was only there a week, i spent as much time visiting other cities such as Caracas, among others. I enjoyed the food, music, nightlife and people very much....i would love to return some day!
Cataño, Puerto Rico (Born and raised!) 1964-06-15
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, so i'm called a "Jibaro". Loosely translated, it means "Hillbilly", but in P.R., it's used to describe those who are born and raised on the island. Many good times spent there.....so many memories. One day i will return....

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