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I am a: 37-year-old man
zodiac sign: Sagittarius Sagittarius
located in: Banbury, Spain
looking for: 22 - 39-year-old woman
marital status:
children: None
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body type:

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Catalanguy has visited 32 places.
Buenos Aires, Argentina (travel) 2009-08-20
Milan, Italy (holiday travel) 2009-03-20
Il Duomo is fantastic
Lisbon, Portugal (to see a friend) 2008-09-11
Shanghai, China (business travel) 2008-03-13
Brussels, Belgium (travel) 2007-12-08
Athens, Greece (business travel) 2007-09-19
Bergen, Norway (holiday travel) 2007-08-15
the Bergen's market is very beautiful. After Bergen, I went to North Kapp, the last European place befor north pole
Higüey, Dominican Republic (holiday travel) 2007-07-27
incredible holidays in Punta Cana, paradise, beaches, perfect to disconnect of the work
London, United Kingdom (holiday travel) 2006-12-23
very good nightlife!
Saint Petersburg, Russia (holiday travel) 2006-08-23
very beautiful palaces
Stockholm, Sweden (holiday travel, and business travel in ) 2006-08-20
Copenhagen, Denmark (holiday travel, and business travel in ) 2006-08-18
Helsinki, Finland (holiday travel, and business travel in ) 2006-08-18
Tallinn, Estonia (holiday travel, and business travel in ) 2006-08-17
Riga, Latvia (holiday travel, and business travel in ) 2006-08-11
Klaipėda, Lithuania (holiday travel) 2006-08-09
Rostock, Germany (holiday travel) 2006-08-05
Miami Beach, FL (some holiday break) 2006-03-13
very beautiful beaches. the nightlife is incredible!!
New York, NY (holiday travel) 2006-02-10
I visited it during my American studies. It is the most surprising city Ive ever been. I felt like an ant! every building is so big!
Baltimore, MD (studies) 2006-01-23
I made a post-graduate in International Business after the university
Playa del Carmen, Mexico (university class travel) 2005-03-10
Geneva, Switzerland (ski travel) 2004-12-08
we go from Geneva to ski to Tignes (France). I think one of the best places to ski or snowboardering
Palermo, Italy (holiday travel) 2004-04-11
the best was to see Ethna volcano and the cementery of the Capuccinos, where the death people is exposed and you can see them physically
Nairobi, Kenya (holiday travel) 2003-08-15
I made a Safari thru Massai Mara! incredible! it is very curious to see that the water turn in the opposite side than the north emisphere, when it fall in a hole. if you are just in the equator, water falls straight
Sinnūris, Egypt (travel) 2002-08-05
just one night in Sharm el Sheik
Spanish Town, Jamaica (holiday travel) 2001-08-06
it is the paradise, very beautiful beaches with the palms
Paris, France (holiday travel) 2000-04-12
Amsterdam, Netherlands (holiday travel) 1999-12-08
Port-au-Prince, Haiti (holiday travel) 1999-08-06
George Town, Cayman Islands (travel) 1998-08-05
Amman, Jordan (holiday travel) 1997-08-15
the best was to see Petra! the Nabateans old kingdom! all the buildings are sculp in the rock. I swam in the death see, where you can not dive, I took a nap on the water! it was fantastic!
Orlando, FL (holiday travel) 1995-08-15
very funny the Theme Parks! Universal, Disney world, etc...

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