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I am a: 57-year-old woman
zodiac sign: Scorpio Scorpio
located in: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
looking for: 52 - 67-year-old man
marital status:
children: None
eye color:
hair color:
body type:

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LaBrendy11 has visited 22 places.
Siem Reab, Cambodia @ hotel 2009-11-18
went with my son. different life. good experience. Many restaurants, great food. Very cheap shopping.
Perth, Australia 2007-07-18
Bremen, Germany @ hotels 2006-04-11
Spent wonderful time with my friends
Baghdad, Iraq 2002-08-15
beautiful but poor country, nice food. Very hot in summer time
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2002-08-10
spent time with friends
Tehran, Iran 2000-12-15
place not for women
Bang Pakong, Thailand 1999-07-08
spent wonderful time with friends
Nicosia, Cyprus @ hotels 1998-04-15
greek side of Cyprus. I like greek music, good food and there people who enjoy life
Rome, Italy 1997-07-11
I love people there. I like their life style. In south of Italy went to many restaurants and every where live music. Old couples dance and their faces so happy. I like it there
Vatican, Vatican 1997-07-09
Bizerte, Tunisia 1997-06-10
Manchester, United Kingdom @ hotel 1997-04-16
had good time and i like architecture in Europe
Atlanta, GA 1996-07-18
Met a lot people. Great time, amazing memory......
Copenhagen, Denmark 1996-07-11
music on the streets, flowers, many bridges- beautiful country
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1994-08-14
Very hot, so modern.
Doha, Qatar @ hotel 1994-03-09
modern and arabic :)
Paris, France 1992-08-25
I love Paris
Cairo, Egypt @ hotels 1992-08-19
very hot, a lot of people on the streets, crazy driving cars. Historical place, i like it.
Amman, Jordan @ hotel 1992-04-06
Many times have been in Jordan, have wonderful friends over there
Beirut, Lebanon 1989-09-22
That is true - small Switzerland. Wonderful food, beautiful weather, people very welcome. Beirut is amazing. Love this country. Have a lot of friends in Lebanon, they are very nice people
Moscow, Russia 1975-07-19
Many times have been in Russia, in many different cities....my country (ex Soviet Union)
Kiev, Ukraine 1966-11-11
Was born there. Love this country. Have been in all ex Soviet Union Republics.Love Kiev

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