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I am a: 38-year-old man
zodiac sign: Aquarius Aquarius
located in: Keighley, United Kingdom
looking for: 20 - 101-year-old woman
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children: None
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Keighley, United Kingdom @ 58 Braithwaite Avenue Keighley (Home) 1981-02-14
Sorry but the behaviour that I have experienced over the last 4+ years is what my opinion of people round Braithwaite, Guardhouse and Laycock is based on! I appologise if I am moaning, nagging, whinging, whining, complaining, critisising, condescending! I would rather not be doing i would prefer to be able to get on with my neighbours and the locals, that is why I have been trying to reason with them for so long! Setting their dogs off to wake me up every morning, I have an alarm clock if I need to be up! The dogs are barking almost all of the time and for most of the time there is nothing for them to bark at! Granted they had a good reason when whoever it was who was breaking, damaging people's windows was doing so but when nobody is doing anything against the locals (trespassing, attacking, burgeling then I see no reason why i should have to hear it! My dad was mugged whilst I was doing night work as a trial at Rendezvous hotel, I have had a wallet knicked and some lads knicked some of a pizza that I had brought when I was working home from the pub! I don't go out often because I prefer to avoid people like that! I am not a violent person, I do not, will not use violence! I do not have want or need a criminal record! Not neccessarily critisising people who do as they might of been put into a situation wher it wasn't there fault, I have been tempted often enougth but I have managed to resist so far and hope that I can continue to do so! I am not committing any crimes or breaking any laws so I do not understand what there problem is with me! What reason do they have for having a problem with me, for causing me a problem or for getting on my nerves? I am trying to get a job, if they can't be bothered that is up to them but why take it out on me? Not that it has anything to do with anyone but I am straight so my sexuality can't be a problem! I am not against gays as long as they don't waste time coming on to me! I am conflicted over wether I want a girlfriend or not due to my own experiences and having witnessed other people's relationships! As far as is possible I am not prejudice,I just don't like people who go out of their way to get on my nerves or seem to, doing things that I have already tried asking them to stop and have tried reasoning with! I can only keep going over the same thing as that is all there is! I live with my dad because i do not want to live on my own, not for any other reason I am as capable of using all house hold appliances as I need to be! I would not be complaining if I didn't have anything to complain about and I would not be retaliating if I didn't have anything to realiate against! I know that I have done some things that i shouldn't of done but that is the past and as far as is possible has already been appologised for! My life is a mess and I really need to be sorting it out, I do not need people getting on my nerves without any reason! I have started doing voluntary work as a start as to sorting my life out and whilst I still don't feel like this is enougth, it is a start! If anybody round Braithwaite, Guardhouse, Laycock has a valid problem with me then why not discuss, talk about it with me so that the problem can actually be sorted out instead of just pointlessly continuing? (Barking, Banging, Honking, Buzzing bikes, Staring, Putting obstacles where I need to walk / getting in my way, vandalism, immature / annoying behaviour, comments)! I had hoped that i would not be having to continue this but how can I drop it unless they do, it isn't like I was the one that started it! What is that saying? Treat other like you want to be treat yourself! Would they want me rudely waking them up every morning, barking at them every time they are in bed, at the toilet, , watching TV, making a cup of tea, washing up, getting something to eat, going out or getting home? Banging about, stomping, slamming? Honking or buzzing bikes horns outside people's homes? Parking on the pavement so that people don't have enougth space to get past without walking on the road! Leaving bins scattered all of over the place instead of neatly so that people don't have difficulty getting past! Standing in the way when they see people are wanting to get past? Staring / gawping as if they have done something wrong? Harassing them, vandalising their property? They wouldn't would they so why do it to other people? Andy and Kelly have kids to look after so they and they and their freinds ought to be mature enougth to not be behaving like that! It can't only be me that gets annoyed with these things and whilst I am not a violent person there are people who are! I need a job far too much to be doing anything that might get me a criminal record as a criminasl record would not help me towards getting a job! I am not as social as I would like to be but the people who get on my nerves put me off! I am not good at socialising, communicating, trusting relaxing! It might just be my imagination but I seem to of got worse at it since I moved to Braithwaite in !

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