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I am a: 61-year-old man
zodiac sign: Virgo Virgo
located in: New Hyde Park, New York, United States
looking for: 48 - 63-year-old woman
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Reykjavík, Iceland @ Reykjavik (Travel) 2012-03-19
Superb cuisine in Iceland. The tap water is the best I ever sampled (just like top-notch pure bottled water). The landscape in Iceland is very interesting and picturesque (with all the glaciers and volcanic/lava formation of the terrain.
Berlin, Germany @ Dresden, Weimer, Dessau, Leipzig, Eisenach, Erfurt (Travel) 1991-03-13
Berlin very vibrant and cosmopolitan. The Bauhaus building, Torten Siedlung, Meister Restaurant and other ultra modern Bauhaus building are quite impressive and timeless in logical designs.
Moscow, Russia @ Moscow, St Petersburg, Electrogorsk (Travel) 1987-08-16
The underground metro in Moscow and Leningrad are unbelievably picturesque. Beautiful ultra-modern Constructivist buildings from the s in Moscow. The green malachite columns in the Hermitage is spectacular and unforgettable (just like the art collection is in the Hermitage as well).
Prague, Czech Republic @ Prague, Plzen, Brno, Terezin, Karlstejn (Tourism) 1986-08-16
Prague's centrum absolutely breathtaking with all the Gothic and Baroque buildings side by side. Plus the city skyline with interesting spires is interesting to look at from above at the Hradcany district. The view of the valley from the Karlstejn castle is spectacular.
Zürich, Switzerland @ Zermatt, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Montreux (Tourism) 1982-07-23
The train ride from Geneva to Zermatt via Visp, plus the narrow cog rail from Visp to Zermatt absolute breathtaking scenery from the 1st kilometre. A splendid experience to stand up at the peak of Matterhorn. The clouds were below me a the time of my visit, plus there was a fair amount of snow on the ground up there in late July.
London, United Kingdom @ London, Edison, Cardiff, Dover, Glasgow, Isle of Skye (Travel) 1982-06-27
Scottish very friendly and very helpful to tourists.

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