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I am a: 50-year-old man
zodiac sign: Virgo Virgo
located in: Budapest, Hungary
looking for: 24 - 75-year-old woman
marital status:
children: None
eye color:
hair color:
body type:

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Member3904871 has visited 24 places.
Prague, Czech Republic 2015-08-17
Prague, Donau, nothing to complain.
Brno, Czech Republic 2015-08-16
Brno, Motorcycles MotoGP and all fun. Good People!
Geneva, Switzerland 2015-07-01
UN for Work always!
Nicosia, Cyprus 2015-05-01
Cyprus rocks! Hot, Dry and rocknroll!
Budapest, Hungary 2015-04-07
My place, my heart, my donau...come !
Mombasa, Kenya 2015-03-01
Mobasa, vain paiva elamaa. Jambo!
Taipei, Taiwan 2014-12-14
Taipe, great but short visit twice only.
Ålesund, Norway 2013-08-08
Lived there almost 2 years, Yuck, sucks!
Paris, France 2012-10-10
Lived there for 1 year in / je suis charlie!
Phitsanulok, Thailand 2011-03-01
Who been to Phitsanulok, for 1 month... me :)
Shanghai, China @ Shanghai City 2010-12-02
Like in the movies, Big, amazing, scary...all in one package...
Sydney, Australia @ Sydnay, Cairns, Melbourne 2010-12-01
Australian Xmas, NY etc. Grrreaat Down Under!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2010-12-01
Here we go, twice! wow!
Opatija, Croatia 2010-07-08
Like a dream, football WC final in a bar...swimming, triathlon and all!
Andorra la Vella, Andorra 2009-01-04
Excellent Motorcycling place
The Hague, Netherlands 2004-12-01
Lived there 8 years, ik spreek nl, ja ik ben AJAXIED!
Zanzibar, Tanzania 2004-09-02
Jambo! What a great Island is this!
Āddīs Ābebā, Ethiopia 2003-06-16
Lived there almost 2 years, exciting and interesting place. Beautiful ladies, nice people. Ethiopian Bunna (coffee) batam konjo (very good)
Vatican, Vatican 2002-04-09
Vatican, Pope and my motorcycle again! Super!
Bodrum, Turkey 1994-01-01
Bodrum, there I decided to be a scuba diver. Now I am...
London, United Kingdom 1987-05-01
Million times since , wo!
Vienna, Austria @ Several visits since 1987-01-01
Several visits since , Cultural Rich City.
Brussels, Belgium @ All Belgian big and small cities since 1987-01-01
All Belgian big and small cities since
Stockholm, Sweden 1979-01-07
jag snakkar svenska! since several, manga goanger...

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