I love being on the water Enjoying some Baklava in Greece this summer Sailing into Nisiros, Greece Summer  (third Greek Island and many more to go)
I love being on the water
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I am a: 57-year-old woman
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located in: Lorena, Texas, United States
looking for: 52 - 64-year-old man
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Lisbon, Portugal (Crusing home to the states from Copenhagen...) 2012-10-02
Enjoyed a cruise from Copenhagen to Lisbon Portugal, then onto Madeira Portugal.. then seven nights across the Atlantic to Miami... finally home to the states...Mid October... this was spectacular being in the middle of the Atlantic ocean swimming in a salt water pool and hot tub... having gourmet meals and breakfast in bed... life doesn't get much better than that...
Mahón, Spain (Sailing from Menorca to Mallorca...) 2012-09-20
Enjoyed sailing from Italia to the Balaeric Islands of Spain. The weather was getting bad so I stayed in Mallorca for several days. I flew to Barcelona and then onto Copenhagen where I caught a transatlantic cruise home to the states..
Reggio di Calabria, Italy (Sailed up the Straits of Messina to Reggio Di Calabria and then rented a car) 2012-09-04
Sailed into Italy. Rented a car in Reggio di Calabria and drove to Cassino. Toured Abbey and paid tribute to the Soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the horrific battle there. Drove to Ravello and then onto Positano. Toured the Amalfi Coastline by car and then off to Salerno. Stayed in Agripoli and toured the beautiful castle early in the morning. The views were magnificent from here. Incredible feeling walking through the small village of the castle with the breathtaking views of the Tyrrinean Sea... Arrived back at Reggio di Calabria and then sailed up the Straits up and over to Sicilia. Enjoyed numerous ports in Sicilia from Cefalu, to Palermo and then the Capo Vito... Then sailed to Sardegnia. I saw whales as entered the coast of Sardegnia... it was a breathtaking sight. This was one of the best times of the entire trip... as the sun was coming up over a glass like smooth water with the whales swimming nearby... as I entered Cali Forte.
Kalámata, Greece (Sailing the Mediterranean... from Simi Greece to Niseros to Ios, Mylos, Pelopenese (Pylos)) 2012-08-29
Enjoyed sailing the Greek Islands of Simi, Nisiros, Ios,Astiapalea, Milos, Kalamata, Pelopennese/Pylos...and I am sure there were others, but these were some of my favorites... Greece was sooo beautiful and sooo quaint with the whitewashed buildings/homes and blue trim... I love the food and the Greek people were very helpful to this American... I had some of the best peaches of my life in Pylos Greece.. yumy..
Istanbul, Turkey (Pleasure...and touring town as I make my way to southern coast to sail) 2012-07-29
Istanbul was incredible. I enjoyed the spice market and the bazaar shopping. I really enjoyed the food and all the hot tea drinks... Wonderful desserts too! The mosques were so mystical to me. The Turkish people were very friendly to me and I really enjoyed venturing around Istanbul, Marmaris and the south coast of Turkiye...
Madrid, Spain (Business for my partner....) 2009-10-15
I enjoyed the sights of Madrid, a real bull fight and the incredible tapas restaurants. Later took a train to Toledo and enjoyed staying there while touring this fantastic historic town. I would love to go back to Spain and tour the south of Spain one day... when I have time to enjoy the romantic side of the country, quaint towns with the love of my life...
Christiansted, Virgin Islands, U.S. (Lived here for many years... loved being in paradise) 2007-06-27
I love the water and enjoyed sailing the beautiful Caribbean... sometimes life is what you make it.. i gave up a lot to live my dream in the Caribbean... and never regreted it one bit... I love to swim, sail, shallow water diving, paddle boarding, deep sea fishing and just taking it easy on a beach with no worries atoll....
Venice, Italy (Pleasure touring Venice and all of its beautiful museums. Took a boat to Murano) 2004-09-24
Venice is sooo romantic with the beautiful canals and bridges.. I would love to go back for a real masquerade ball....
Orvieto, Italy (Pleasure touring the town and the old etruscan tombs...) 2004-09-21
Orvieta was magical from the first moment I saw it nestled high upon the mountain surrounded by a rock wall.... I walked every street and enjoyed some of the finest Italian foods and drinks in all of Italy... I bought some beautiful ceramic dishes and had them shipped home from the Ceramic shop. I now enjoy having Italian food on them here in the states. Italy is sooo romantic...
Florence, Italy (Pleasure...enjoying the trip of a lifetime in Europe...) 2004-09-19
Enjoyed touring Florence on foot... had a fabulous dinner with nice wine in town. It was raining and it was spectacular when the lights when out and the streets went dark. There was howling in the streets in the beheading square. IT was like a great old movie. I went to many museums and then hired a private driver to drive me through the Chianti Countryside to a private vintner's home for lunch and wine tastings. Some of these small towns were the best I had ever seen. There were no tourists...and soooo many beautiful, historic stone homes with majestic long driveways and beautiful vineyards... oooh... I love Italy and Europe....
Pompei, Italy (Drove from Amalfi Coast (Ravello) to Pompei on way to Florence) 2004-09-17
Incredible Amalfi Coastline... I loved Ravello by the Sea and Amalfi... I took a boat to Isle of Capri... beautiful scenery! Great pizza and wine! The best creme lemoncello I had was on Capri. Then departed to Pompei. Pompei was incredible with an archeological Italian guide. This was spectacular with volcano looming in the background...
Rome, Italy (Pleasure trip from Rome to Amalfi Coastline (Ravello/Amalfi/Isle of Capri), Pompei, Florence, Orviet) 2004-09-14
I love Italy, I love the culture, the food, the beautiful people... I most of all loved how historic it was. To see the ruins in Rome was incredible. I toured the Vatican/Sisten Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. I was so inspired by the architecture and the beauty of everything around me... I loved the slow food with beautiful wines and gelato...
Cozumel, Mexico (Summer vacation... enjoyed snorkeling and taking boat trips out) 1981-06-25
Enjoyed the beautiful, turquoise water of the Caribbean... relaxing on a white sand beach with an umbrella drink in my hand (every day)... purchased some beautiful silver jewelry...

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