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I am a: 41-year-old man
zodiac sign: Capricorn Capricorn
located in: Krasnojarsk, Russia
looking for: 22 - 37-year-old woman
marital status:
children: None
eye color:
hair color:
body type:

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Cambridge, United Kingdom @ Rented flat (some where near A) (work () 2003-03-16
that was not the best time of my life. a lot of work. and in the end my UK business partner (i don't know how to say it another way) fucked me. i lost all of my money and 4 patents on some image recognitions algorithms.
Havana, Cuba @ Hitchhiking (I had to see Fidel!) 2000-01-07
I saw him? NO! Some natives drunk me almost to death? cose i'm Russian, and can drink vodka like water (That's NOT TRUE). But I got photo of me sleeping in 3-4 meters of Castro cortege passing by. I lost it day after. But still it was... i don't remember ) some guys drive me to airport and put on a plane ( only name i remember Tamika. thank U a lot)!!
Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Some hostels all over the town (some IT projects, rest, study) 1998-05-09
It's Amsterdam! Need I say more? I was only 20 so... I had very interesting experience in VR (yes there was some kind of helm 4 virtual reality even back then), CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANDING (meditation, tantra practices (NO! tantra is not having sex under drugs! it's very spiritual and most of the time u are alone) so i hope u get the point. that was a time of finding myself. in a year or so I come up with several business ideas and travel back to Motherland.
Hamden, CT @ Hamden high school (Study) 1994-11-23
That was cool 5 months. I met many great people! starting with computer science teacher who kinda made my choice of future profession (IT,design,computers). And I lost my virginity. )) U Americans know how to have fun. That was great time, and I hope to get there some time, maybe see long-lost friends.

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