My Classical Portuguese Jipe near the beach where i live.  antonio pedro lopes photo_2 photo_3 photo_4 On the winter....IT WAS COLD! photo_6 photo_7 photo_8 photo_9
My Classical Portuguese Jipe near the beach where i live. antonio pedro lopes
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I am a: 43-year-old man
zodiac sign: Gemini Gemini
located in: Lisbon, Portugal
looking for: 24 - 44-year-old woman
marital status:
children: None
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antoniopedrolopes has visited 7 places.
Namibe, Angola @ ... (Fixing tinting machines) 2008-11-01
I met 5 cities from Angola: Luanda, Benguela, Lobito, Namibe, Lubango and Huambo. I just loved Namibe, in the south of Angola. It remembers me Brazil. Lots of beach, lot's of sun, lot's of seafood... But lot's of poberty... I recomend visit SERRA DA LEBA, beetween Lubango and Namibe. the road passes by a big desert. I recomend visit a monument in Lubango, i don't know to translate, but it's similar to the Rio de Janeiro... From the countries that i know, Angola comes in the 2nd place. For my hapiness i was in Angola 3 times in 3 years.
Bran, Romania @ Tansilvania Hotel (Make tourism) 2008-06-13
I love the montains and the fresh air. For my hapiness it was in summer. I visit the Dracula's castle, but He was afraid of me, so i didn't saw him... But i like Brasov and Bran and specially the country side with a lot of gipsy castle's!
Cairo, Egypt @ Hurghada (Tourism) 2006-07-05
Egypt is the last country from the other's that i met, the last of my favorite countrys. Lot of polution, lot of men's of moustache, lot's of hot and lot's os miles of road... Just see the pyramids and that's enough!
Ocho Rios, Jamaica @ Hotel Rio (Tourism) 2006-06-01
Well, the 3rd best country that i visited. A very good holidays i spent there. Good to smoke weed, good to take bath in the night, good parties, happy people, good reagge ( but always Bob Marley ) good food, good roads ( right well drive ) happy people, very good drinks. Bad things: black people ( i'm not racist ), very poor people allways the same Bob Marley music... GIMI SOME WATA!
Salvador, Brazil @ Well... i really can't remember (CARNAVAL!) 2003-02-10
Well well, here is my 1st favorite Country. Why? simple: Axé Music, Portuguese language, Lot's of good looking girl's, lot's of fun, lot's of CAIPIRINHA'S and a other lot of good things too. It's funy, i was there 2 times, 1 in Carnival, i remember i spent 400€ for just one night in "EXPRESSO 222" which was a special place belongs to the Gilberto Gil singer and Culture goverment and i saw there many VIP'S people from the tv. I remember i was so drunk like my partner, and we was interviued by GLOBO INTERNATIONAL TV. It was wonderfull moments since i was born. A must VISIT! by the way, if you visit Salvador ( pelourinho ) you just have to visit Lisbon ( Bairro Alto ) to see the diferences...
Porto Seguro, Brazil @ Porto Seguro Praia Hotel (Tourism) 2001-02-04
Well, like i said about Salvador but in a small village where everyone knows everybody! History fact: Portuguese 1st stop in by Pedro Alvares Cabral. Must visit Trancoso and Arraial da Ajuda!
Moscavide, Portugal @ Rua Maria do Rosário Patacão (Living) 1978-06-10
Well... It's my little city, very near to Parque das nações (expo-98). All the people are wellcome! You could send me e-mail or cotact me if you need some information about it or about Lisbon ( just half a mile from here )

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