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I am a: 49-year-old man
zodiac sign: Scorpio Scorpio
located in: Woodside, New York, United States
looking for: 27 - 47-year-old woman
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children: None
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ascari15 has visited 15 places.
Toronto, Canada (chilling) 2008-12-30
i've been to TO a few times. i never fail to run at High Park whenever i'm there. and a full body massage in chinatown (man, is it ever cheap!). i'd like to check out the bar scene one of these days.
Florence, Italy @ Friend's house in Grosseto (Christmas visit/ rock climbing) 2008-12-24
Tuscany was freezing! Food was great. Sights would be better in summer. Rained the whole time I was there. Women are gorgeous.
Paris, France (chill out) 2008-12-21
Paris was freezing. Eiffel Tower was blue and garish. food was all right. I'll go back.
Montreal, Canada @ downtown (tired of the States...) 2008-08-18
it's like Europe...only cheaper and friendlier.
Monterey, CA @ desert, valley, near forest fires (work-related, lots of freetime) 2008-06-09
man it was hot in the daytime! and forest fires everywhere
Warsaw, Poland (vacation. yes, you heard me.) 2007-11-11
coooold. big servings of meat. pork is god over there. loved it!
London, United Kingdom @ South London (Visit friends, see the ravens) 2007-11-02
expensive as hell...
Barcelona, Spain @ just outside the city (went there to see about a senorita...si, mi corazon...) 2006-08-15
great food, great beach, siesta, fuet, best-looking women in Europe...
Frankfurt, Germany @ Sachsenhaussen? (Work/ pleasure) 2005-09-18
red light district was a letdown. i'd rather see german women in their fashionable clothes. oh, and beer was the best in the world.
Seoul, South Korea @ near downtown (just bumming around) 2005-07-20
spicy food, great, friendly people. funnier than the japanese.
Tokyo, Japan @ some tiny hotel (chilling out) 2004-09-04
very expensive, very clean, very organized, very ethnically pure...
San Francisco, CA @ up the hill somewhere (chowder) 2002-06-25
very nice marina...hard to run on...trolleys
Manila, Philippines @ Makati, with friends (visiting friends) 2002-04-19
hot, humid, dirty, grimy, cheap food, smiling people, corrupt cops, crappy movies... jeepneys.
Vancouver, Canada @ downtown (chilling with ex) 2001-02-10
one of the best cities on the planet, friendly people, very cosmopolitan, cheaper then, foggy, great views...
Bozeman, MT @ by the river, near a tree (flyfishing) 2000-05-23
few fish, great memories...freezing at night.

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