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I am a: 63-year-old man
zodiac sign: Cancer Cancer
located in: Jackson, Mississippi, United States
looking for: 24 - 54-year-old woman
marital status:
children: None
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baroner has visited 14 places.
Kiev, Ukraine @ Apartment at 16A Lesy Ukrainey (ROMANCE) 2008-03-26
Saw my good friends while in KIev Zhanna, who i rented from and her husband Stephen King and her faher Nickolai. Saw many of my good friends at Fridays, Manarin Plaza and the shops on Lesy Ukrainey. Saw my friend Len Dixon who owns apartments and lives in Kiev from CA. and is an Artist, He introduced me to a new friend Dan Chestnut from Missouri who also lives there and Dan stayed at my apartment for over 3 months for he was having badluck so he stayed fr free and now he has a good job in KIev as a Carpenter and both of these men are single. I dated several ladies i dated in the past but nothing happened. I met many new ladies but none wanted serious relationship But i am returning soon to find my Wife whether in Ukraine, Latvia or Russia, Belarus, England OR EVEN USA for MY #1 GOAL IS TO FIND MY BRIDE , LOVER, For life and no mater where it is, I know i will find her in . I also meet a lot of new friends in the world. I also met 2 nice men. One, an elected official from Indiana visiting his friend from MO who has invited me to come see him . Both will always be friends. I plan to wriote a book someday on my travels finding y soulmate, wife, passionate lover and Best friend that has taken from to PRESENT. I ave all the documents, people met, my dates, all the people i met on the way.
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine @ GLINKY STREET >>APARMENT OVERLOOKING BLVD. (ROMANCE) 2007-10-08
The lady i went to meet decided against me but i stayed for 30 days meeting other ladies. I have now a lady friend that did live there and a fine translator that moved to Kiev. Had fun.. Met good friends from USA and Ukraine. Met nice people where i ate daily at Jaffco's. Real good food. Left and Went to Odessa for 5 days by car then to Kiev by car then to stay in Kiev for nearly 2 months. I went by Car on to Kiev staying at several apartments Dating several ladies there. Met many new friends and saw old friends at FRIDAYS. Bought food at Mandarin Plaza and ther places where i lived in several parts of city. Kiev is wonderful city. I enjoyed all 3 cities.
Kiev, Ukraine @ Apartment 100 meters from Indeppendence square (Romance) 2006-09-22
Met a few ladies, met some real nice people from many countries, Hassled by phony policeman asking for my passport which i only carried a copy of but i ran into my apartment building and did not show then started carrying passport and the same two speaking perfect english which is rare from a Ukraine Policeman then i showed him my Passport and at the time i had a Business VIsa So they thought i was big shot so they never bothered me again. They trid to shake me down.I did shake down for a lot of money friends of mine rom Ireland and threated to kill them if they didn't pay money which they paid the money. I advise most people , do not stay near Independence square and do not be there at night unless when lots o people are there.
Rented from Interdating again. Met many nice ladies. Met a man from My State who attended Ole Ms University with me but we dd not know me. He is retired now after about 20 years living in UKraine and Owned the Observer and never met his brother thre but met many men working for him. He is married to Ukraine lady and i presume very happy. I romance several but did ot get ngaged but had fun. I ad a bad accident and cut my leg. Went o doctor and cut my trip short because leg injured. I also went to SEBASTOPOL on this trip by train. Nice man in 2 berth bought me beer and snacks and we both slept good. He got off around Simmerpol. I met my lady friend in Sebastopol. We parted friend but she is 43 year old and still looking and very beautiful. I met many new friends inSebastopol and love tht city very much.Had fun. Stayed in apartment first out of city near my date then moved to center. I had to get Ukrain an to take me to airport to retun to Kiev at Simmerpol because could not get train for full. Holiday. I also met this nice fmily where i stayed for 2 weeks with the father of Zhanna King married to an american in NHAMPSHIRE who owns several apartments inKIev and Father is like a brother to me and his name is Nikolai. He helped me when i had injury to my leg for bad fall and took me to doctors. I returned to states early. Ate at FRidays cnstantly and bought at market at Mandarin Plaza and cooked. Angus meat as good as usa.
Met many people and a fine Englishman and got him to go to Ukraine and he is engaged now or married tolady from UKraine. Had a bad experience with lady at an agency who was a scammer and had been kicked out of many agencies. I went to the Police after she cut me with her finger nails but they id nothing so changed my ticket and flew back to usa. I did meet 2-3 nice ladies and sorry i di not follow up with them.One bad apple only. Another beautiful scammer.Many good ladies there.
Met many ladies mostly through a dating service where i rented the apartment from Interdating. I saw the opportunity to return another time.Did not get engaged but corresponded with several but no dates with them when i returned in . They ate well and we hd fun.
Mt th true love of my life, met her family but she id not tell me she had a son. She played the piano. We were in love and she was to become my wife.Olena was her name , a beautiful blond. When i returned to USA, She said i was too old fo her and no marriage and my heart was broke. She alled me abut a month afterwards and sked me to send money because on in hospital and i did. I had translator in in Ukraine and talk to siter and told my translator It has been too long but i understood she married a man from England. I did not return until because heart was broke.I dated American ladis during this time. I still look for my destiny and my future wife and believe s y year to Marry either a lady inForeign country or USA.
Kiev, Ukraine @ IN APARTMENT ABOUT 3 METRO STOPS AND BUS TO CENTER (For Romance) 1998-11-05
I dated several ladies . One was a famous Actress Nataliy from Russia living in Kiev but out of work. I had fun but no marriage.
Odessa, Ukraine @ Stayed with family and ated their daughter (Looking for Romance) 1998-03-22
Had a good time, fine family in Odessa, Their daughter and i were friends when left and stayed in her guest bed at her apartment and she had a nice son Dimi . Her father Victor and Mother Luda , Father Ship Captain, Her sister was Ann. I ate good at parents so much food. I had a beard then and Marina never saw it shaved and she was nice lady and i love her but Was not in Love with her so no marriage.
Odessa, Ukraine @ Styed with lady in Odessa (To find a wife) 1997-06-15
I decided this lady not for me and she demanded a lot of money from me then i payed and she kept my luggage and my possessions hen i went to Black Sea Hotel and filed a report with Polie and sat in Police station all day with my interpretor tring to get my possessions back and Head Policeman Inernational offce interviewed the lady and she lied and kept some of my things. Later after we got my baggage and clothes we came back to Jail and Police place and Head Policeman said Jail or Hotel and asked me to put all my money on the table which i did which was about $300 and he pulled $150 over to him and pu n his pocket and Told me as he took me back to Hotel Not bad for one day's work. I told him i would ave given all of it not to go through interogation all days 8 hours.If i had it to do all ver again I would have left my baggage and clothes. I was lucky because when i first left the lady, She hit me several times in face as her 15 year son watched.I would have walked out of there. The whole ordeal costs me oer $ and my things were not worth that.
Moscow, Russia @ Moscow Hotel (FUN> TO MEET LADIES ON TOUR FOR MARRIAGE) 1996-06-21
I got engaged to a beautiful lady from near MOscow but she later decided she did not want to come to uSA. I had written her for 2-3 years and earlier that year i had flown a lady from Moscow to US and i did not have enough money and she scammed me for when she said she had to return to Moscow, she did not but met a man in Alabama who she had visited before and had sex with him( had no sex with me) and then another man in NYC and stayed with him. The man from Alabama who i later talked to fixed it where she could never come to USA. Se had stole some jewerly from me also.
Bogotá, Colombia @ Private Home that Housed many men or Guests (TO MEET A FUTIURE WIFE) 1995-06-13
I met my lady and after trips there in Jne, July,, and August and dated many ladies each month got engaged and few the lady and her daughter to USA but i owned 3 large homes, a bakery but not enough money for her then she aid her father called usa and was sick for her and she and daughter flew back home scamming me and i paying for a ifferent ticket and taking the ring and other gifts. To this day i have never heard anymore from her. Then my russian trips began and Ukraine.
London, United Kingdom @ Vctoria Hotel (travel vacation to see world) 1979-02-01
I traveled alone for 79 days going from country to ountry fluying from US then to Paris, Then to Spain where i met 2 men and we stayed in 5 star in Spain and 5 star in Portugal and The Journalist from NYC started drinking in AM and only ate soup at night and the Hardware ownr from St. Paul , MN were both retired and i was a young man seeing the europe as i rode on eurail i met beautiful lady from CA. but never got her name because we had to get on train in Barcelona then i lost her then on to Italy staying in Venice, then Rome for many days where i got scammed long story and met later 2 swedish ladies that were lesbian but i did not know. Then to Sicily then to Greece then to Switzenland, then to Austria, Germany, Stayed in Dusseldorf with my first cousin and her husband and 2 of their 3 children, then Luxenburg, Belgium, some small country, Sweden, Denmark then back to England and was onstand by to fly home from Gathway in London to Houston,Tx then to Mississippi. WHEN I WA IN GREAT BRITAIN I traveled to Scotland and Wales on train. My ancestors came from over there. King Edward was kin to us on my father's side of family. MY last name is English Aldridge. Father's middle name Edward. My mother's maiden name Smith from Scotland. We also have Irish blood in us.
Mеxico, Mexico @ Do not remember (vacation) 1968-07-21
Also to Cancun , Mexico in on Honeymoon

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