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I am a: 54-year-old woman
zodiac sign: Leo Leo
located in: Bucharest, Romania
looking for: 47 - 57-year-old man
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children: None
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lutza has visited 32 places.
Venice, Italy @ family house (vacation) 2013-09-07
i love this city...love this city
Paris, France @ visiting city (vacation) 2012-09-16
i really didn't enjoy verry much...lot of dust, cannot visit tour eiffel and versaille...be cause they are a lot of visitors waiting to get in....no no...stressing...
Gent, Belgium @ visiting city (vacation) 2012-09-09
a verry beautiful city. i want to visit again
Brussels, Belgium @ friends house (travel, vacation) 2012-09-07
Cádiz, Spain @ Campo del Gibraltar (visit Semana Santa) 2012-04-04
hemos visto los pasos de la Semana Santa. muy,muy bonito y muchas fotos jejeje
Cádiz, Spain @ Campo de Gibraltar (fiestas Navideñas) 2011-12-22
muy bonitos
Cádiz, Spain @ Campo de Gibraltar (vacation) 2011-06-01
Florence, Italy @ just city tour in bus (vacation) 2010-09-17
city tour in touristic bus. nice experience
Venice, Italy @ hotel near s. marco place (vacation) 2010-09-17
visiting a lot venice. great...but it was raining a lot....
Pisa, Italy @ 3 stars hotel (vacation) 2010-09-15
visiting Pisa tower and city. great great
Rome, Italy @ hotel ¬ bed (vacation) 2010-09-13
visiting Rome.great, great
Pompei, Italy @ four stars hotel (vacation) 2010-09-12
visiting pompei. great experience
Athens, Greece @ i forget the name but was a verry bad hotel anyway next to omonia place (travel) 2009-02-15
hotel was verry bad, cold and not verry clean( they lie to us about the conditions of the hotel. we make the reservation in the internet!!), food verry expensive, there are a lot of thiefs there and they steal our money and documents in the metro. the police mans was verry unpolite with us, they didn't do anything and we didn´t receive any help there. we enjoy more the Aeginia island where the peoples are fine and helpfull. i recomend you Stela's restaurant where we eat the best mediteranean food - salad and fish. then there we visit Aphaia's temple, wonderful place; Saint Nectarios church too is a verry nice place to visit,Cristian ortodox church.in Athena we visit almost all the historic monuments and museums. Greek antic culture was a great culture and we enjoy'it verry much. we spent 3 days walking a lot and visiting places. in general people are kind and they give you informations in a good english. be carefull with taxi drivers..specially when you go to the airport, be cause they invent you taxes and they ask more much moneys then usual. in the airport, personel was verry unpolite, they look bad at you, they don't give you right informations, they are nervious. we will never go back there unfortunatelly.
Granada, Spain @ doña Lupe hotel (travel) 2008-06-05
this place must see. the alhambra castle is magic. food is ok. hotel is ok.
Tangier, Morocco @ one day visit to Castilejo (visit) 2008-03-25
go to shoping. we take lunch there. the food is ok.
Gibraltar, Gibraltar @ trip (trip) 2006-07-10
verry verry nice
Rome, Italy @ friends (travel) 2005-10-11
Istanbul, Turkey @ white horse ( in english) (travel with friends) 2005-10-11
i love this city. i came here every year from to . then in , , and . i enjoy everything, food, history places, the culture, peoples hospitality. etc etc..must to visit.
Braşov, Romania @ hotel intim (vacation) 2005-09-03
so we visit the castle of the ex king Michael of Romania - Peles Castle, that is a jewel of the architecture. a lot of history there, politic documentation, weapons colection, ancient pictures, etc...the ambient is great, nature is super. then the Pelisor Castle that was King Carol son's place, king Ferdinand. after that we visit the Bran Castle that they say that was living the Prince Dracula there...but is only a legend...or was true.....don't know :))) you must find up! the Castle is magnific - like others of course, from the medieval epoque and there are marked of a long period of history and legends. must to visit! also in this zone are a lot of monasterys and great places to vizit - clubs, restaurants, disco..etc
Milan, Italy @ company residence (work) 2005-06-01
not so good. they stoll my bag with all my documents and money from the car.
Venice, Italy @ family (travel and work) 2004-02-01
Sofija, Bulgaria @ i forget the name (travel) 1995-09-09
Rome, Italy @ friends (travel) 1994-11-20
Vatican, Vatican @ don't have hotels there (vizit) 1993-01-29
i was the privilege one to visit this place. is wonderfull and seems that you turn back in the time to history...only the train station is almost new :))
Rome, Italy @ friends home (travel) 1992-10-27
wonderful. Rome is one of my favourite places
Budapest, Hungary @ trip by bus (travel) 1992-09-07
verry nice
Dubrovnik, Croatia @ trip by bus (travel) 1992-09-04
Ljubljana, Slovenia @ trip by bus (travel) 1992-09-01
Vienna, Austria @ trip by car (travel) 1991-10-22
wonderful citty
Istanbul, Turkey @ ozbek hotel (travel) 1991-07-05
Istanbul, Turkey @ ozbek hotel (travel) 1990-06-07
Berlin, Germany @ family (travel) 1984-08-07
super nice

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