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I am a: 43-year-old woman
zodiac sign: Aries Aries
located in: Banbury, , United States
looking for: 34 - 48-year-old man
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children: None
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modesta has visited 8 places.
Tijuana, Mexico @ hotel (travel) 2005-07-01
Fun, energetic place to visit the colors were amazing but definately sad to see so much poverty I still remember a little girl running up to me with a box of cicklets selling them she was homeless her mother was off to the side with about 8 more children I gave the little girl a dollar and she jumped up and ran back to her mother it truly broke my heart.
Cardiff, United Kingdom @ home (visiting) 2004-07-01
Loved wales what a beautiful country, the people were lovely, shopping was amazing, and there was a town called abergavenny frogg st where everything seemed magical from the stores and cafes on the side of the street to the old schoolhouse and the fleamarketthere was even a flower shop called cinderella. I still remember it like it was yesterday.you could even smell the rain.
Washington, DC @ Holiday Inn (travel) 1997-01-11
so much to see from money being made to where Lincoln was shot, to the White House, the cementary I could go on and on and on been there 3 times and it always seems like a first.
Springdale, PA @ bed-n-breakfast in Pennsylvania/ohio (adventure) 1996-06-01
A group of friends and I did a road trip from jersey to our destination pennsylvania where we got lost because i am no good with directions i prefer looking out the window eventually we got to the place went horsebackriding did some bbqs, went boating which was the most fun except for my friends wanting to play with worms as they were fishing the next day we decided to drive to Ohio as we were only 2hours away and went to the rock-n-roll hall of fame
Oceanside, OR @ The place this happened at was Cow Creek , Oregan (road trip) 1996-02-01
So we get to this place called Cow Creek it was something like a national park and as we are all hiking down a trail we come to a river wow it was so beautiful i turn for a brief second and when I turn back around everyone had taken their clothes off and gone in the water except me and 4 guys who were waiting for me to take off my clothes except I was to shy. but go in the water I did and it was so refreshing later on that night we hiked back up the trail to get something to eat and there was a restaurant or something similar and you could buy your very own red snapper with chips it was amazing a wonderful end to a most exhilirating day.
Seattle, WA @ house (travel) 1995-01-01
Seattle what can I say a beautiful place but it rains 4 days out of the week can get depressing and bad hair days ohh god!
San Diego, CA @ hotel (travel) 1995-01-01
Coming back on our drive from san diego we decided to drive all the way back up to sealle but somewhere along the lines we stopped at a rest stop it was a wooded area the trees were humongous, it was dark the sky was a shade of blue and there were tons of stars but they were in a swirl formation that night amazing,and you look down at the water and there were tons of dolphins jumping and singing it was so majestic, so beautiful they were singing for us.
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico @ house (travel) 1990-06-01
Never stay with family when traveling as they can get annoying my aunts over there seriously go to bed at 6pm lights off imagine that. But other than that I truly enjoyed the beaches, the castles, and the archialogical findings I got to see.

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