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I am a: 39-year-old man
zodiac sign: Capricorn Capricorn
located in: München, Germany
looking for: 27 - 42-year-old woman
marital status:
children: None
eye color:
hair color:
body type:

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nishg181 has visited 9 places.
Copenhagen, Denmark @ Copenhagen (Work) 2011-03-15
Again a short trip but looked like a nice city...next trip planned in april end..hopefully i get to see a bit more
Helsinki, Finland @ Helsinki (Work) 2011-02-25
Short trip but loved the frozen sea view from my hotel...
Chicago, IL @ Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis (Work) 2010-12-01
Have traveled multiple times to US on work. Unfortunately its been only the Midwest region and not the more famous East or West coasts. But Mid West definitely has its own charm...
Toronto, Canada @ Toronto, Niagara Falls (Work) 2010-06-01
Traveled multiple times to Canada as well on work. Stayed for couple of months in Toronto...a very vibrant and beautiful city...
Frankfurt, Germany @ Frankfurt (Work) 2008-10-18
Business trip. Made some more trips again recently but I prefer Munich in Germany (have heard a lot about Koln and Berlin as the cities to visit and really want to make a trip there soon)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates @ Dubai (Studies) 2007-01-01
Ohh...the 2nd best place in Middle East (I think best is Lebanon)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ KL and Genting (Travel) 2006-10-01
Short trip from college in Singapore to KL and Genting...Loved to casinos in Genting (Asians are really big gamblers !!!)
Singapore, Singapore @ Singapore (Studies) 2006-07-01
This place is unbeatable...Loads of memories with friends while studying
Mumbai, India @ Across India (Home Country) 1985-01-03
My home country...Studied there till I went out for my masters...Have traveled across the entire country and still to see another country which has as much variety in cultures within the country itself !!! Superb place..Luv my home

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