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I am a: 36-year-old man
zodiac sign: Libra Libra
located in: Wellington, New Zealand
looking for: 22 - 40-year-old woman
marital status:
children: None
eye color:
hair color:
body type:

General information:


Looking for:

zak1313 has visited 21 places.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @ elmisty, botafogo (travel) 2009-04-10
good food! nice beaches!!!
Montevideo, Uruguay @ did not stay over night (by mistake) 2009-04-09
got off the airport by mistake! nice and small city!
Buenos Aires, Argentina @ mercelo te de alvear (travel) 2009-04-02
lost my wallet on the street!! got locked in the toilet in a pub! nice city!! will go back! met some good friends
Perth, Australia @ yha north bridge (travel) 2007-11-09
cool city! nice swan river and sea!!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ puduraya (travel) 2007-11-05
good food!!
Singapore, Singapore @ buggi junction (travel) 2007-11-02
lost my passport, but got it back!! lucky!!
Malmö, Sweden @ cannot remember (travel) 2007-10-30
stormy day!!
Copenhagen, Denmark @ cannot remember (travel) 2007-10-28
München, Germany @ Alfa zentram (travel) 2007-10-27
Innsbruck, Austria @ cannot remember (travel) 2007-10-26
liked the river close to the rail station!!
Milan, Italy @ cousin's home (travel) 2007-10-24
liked the lake by the border of switzerland
Nice, France @ central (travel) 2007-10-23
cool small city
Barcelona, Spain @ plaza rial (travel) 2007-10-21
my most favourite city
Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ did not stay over night (travel) 2007-10-18
nice churches!!
Paris, France @ notredem (travel) 2007-10-18
liked the boat tour
Brussels, Belgium @ cannot remember (travel) 2007-10-15
too many museums
Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Ship (travel) 2007-10-12
cool canals
München, Germany @ Alfa zentram (travel) 2007-10-10
lost my guiter
Bangkok, Thailand @ Swasdee Kha (travel) 2007-09-01
Sydney, Australia @ Barwood (travel) 2006-08-26
met a lot of old friends
Delhi, India @ New Delhi, Agra, Calcutta, Sikri, Mathura (travel) 2004-06-05
crazy hot

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