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Member6549339 visited San Juan on 2016-02-21 and has this to say:
not good to much border patrol,but nice women
Machete31 visited Carolina on 2011-08-30 and has this to say:
Love it here!
B360inair visited San Juan on 2010-04-08 and has this to say:
Friends, great trip
candy00 visited San Juan on 2009-12-29 and has this to say:
Julissa00 visited San Juan on 2008-07-04 and has this to say:
It's a wonderful place the weather is great. We went to Ponce where most of the shopping malls are located. We went to a beautyfull beach located in Carolina. I have an aunt who lives in Aguadilla it was beutifull . My cousin's and I went to a club in Santurse called Noise it was really fun and I had a wonderful time.
jessilva visited Aguadilla on 2007-12-18 and has this to say:
beaches restaurant my favorite food is sorullitos I love puertorico and I would love to go again
dirkdijk visited San Juan on 2006-01-14 and has this to say:
Very nice old buildings downtown. Good food. Nice warm people. Some problems with transportation.
scotchbrightboy visited San Juan on 2003-05-04 and has this to say:
Great island! Love old San Juan and the shopping Gotta go back and find Ponce, the caves, the beach, much more music/dancing and the Flying Nun!
BillLivinez visited San Juan on 2000-06-01 and has this to say:
I spent 2 1/2 months in San Juan in and . This trip I really enjoyed. I drove around the entire island Puerto Rico is a great place to visit.
ricanz911 visited Utuado on 1999-12-01 and has this to say:
Brideofindia2 visited San Juan on 1996-04-27 and has this to say:
photography, horseback riding on beach
modesta visited Aguadilla on 1990-06-01 and has this to say:
Never stay with family when traveling as they can get annoying my aunts over there seriously go to bed at 6pm lights off imagine that. But other than that I truly enjoyed the beaches, the castles, and the archialogical findings I got to see.
Member5840168 visited Aguadilla on 1970-01-01 and has this to say:
N/a .......
prdude visited Cataño on 1964-06-15 and has this to say:
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, so i'm called a "Jibaro". Loosely translated, it means "Hillbilly", but in P.R., it's used to describe those who are born and raised on the island. Many good times spent there.....so many memories. One day i will return....
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